Walking Owl Studio -- Cat Fink, Visual Artist
drawings in mixed media


If you have checked the events page, you will know I have a solo show coming up February 7th through March 1, 2014, at the Station House Gallery in Williams Lake, BC, www.stationhousegallery.com. More details under Events.

Here's a preview, my Artist Statement for the show.

Artist Statement

Coyotes, Cheshires, Angels, and Other Complications

I am an artist, and that means I have an oversized imagination. A professional-basketball-player-sized actually, eight feet tall and size thirty-four runners. Yes, that is actually me. Also note the coyote tail wagging occasionally, the useful ability to fade away leaving only a smile, and the slightly battered halo.

I’ve said it before. Most artists I know (and love) are Tricksters, which means chances are good you are now talking with a Trickster. Welcome!

So the thing about having a size-thirty-four-shoe imagination is that things in life can get very interesting. The reason being that all the other Tricksters decide to get into action and play with me whenever I get the idea for something new to create. This is good. This is fun. We like to play together.

Sometimes this can be crazymaking. Kind of hold-onto-my-socks-and-hat crazymaking. Colours, marks, shapes, words, images all come dancing in, whether I am in my studio or not at the time. My Trickster friends don’t believe in schedules. Lately, they seem especially fond of 3:00 a.m. Despite what this sounds like, I let them go for it. Creating just is what it is, paying attention and playing, and seeing what comes of all that playing, even at 3:00 a.m. I can always nap later.

Most of the time what comes is a joyful, loving, healing drawing. What do I do with the help of the other Tricksters to get this happening? There is a question I ask—What do I love? And another question—What delights me, makes me smile, makes me laugh?

That’s where I start. Not just when I am creating my drawings. That is where I begin with anything I want to create in my life. Love and delight equals joy. When I get joyful, the experiences and people around me get joyful too.

Albert Einstein, a wise man (not just a smart man) and one of my heroes, asked if we live in a friendly universe or a hostile universe. When you think about it, that question opens up everything. It goes to the root of what I believe fundamentally about my life.

What kind of a universe do I live in? Well, I believe in Coyote Tricksters (fun), Cheshire Cats (wise play), Angels (love and spirit). Yes, I believe in a friendly universe. Not only believe it. I choose it. I choose fun, wisdom, play, love, spirit. That’s my Trickster recipe for life.

What’s yours?

Image below is 'Old Coyote Trick (joy)' -- The coyotes decided to take ballet lessons and then go visit Venice. Sounds like fun! Think I'll go visit Venice with them.