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drawings in mixed media


(posted on 16 Jun 2014)

Oh I have been having FUN! Soaking myself in creation energy, swimming in it, and have I been learning and creating! I did a comic course with Jazmyn Douillard during March to May in Williams Lake, BC, through the Station House Gallery. I love comics and graphic novels/works, always have. Doing this course, working with Jazmyn and five other particpants in the class, as a group creating a comic from start to finish, has given me a whole new awed appreciation for the artists who do this all the time.

This is a sample of what I was doing, no dialogue on the page yet as you see it here. No, I am not a brilliant comic book artist, but it was so interesting to try another way of creating art, and to create something with a group of people. I am so used to working alone in my studio.

For a very first try, not so bad. I can see the drawings are stiff and not terribly imaginative. I am curious to see how this new learning and different way of thinking will affect my future drawings and writing.

Am I going to become a comic book artist? No. But this has sent me back to reading the comics I read as a kid, 'Archie' and 'Donald Duck', just for fun and laughs.

In case you are wondering, that's Bob the Eagle from the Elf Eagle Network, and Page who is fourteen and a total wiz at research and connecting odd bits of information to create the whole picture. They are, with their other friends, trying to save the world from an apocalypse of course. And do they manage to save the world--well YEAH!