Walking Owl Studio -- Cat Fink, Visual Artist
drawings in mixed media


(posted on 16 Jun 2014)

What is this creature who

leaves behind seven crows, feathers,

info that connects to Idle no more.

Obviously all cats, crows, creatives

deserve & obtain respect.

They are all about resistance, resilience,

remembering strength heard

while refusing to be herded.

This nubile Cat Fink creature

constructed from & being:

child & elder, graffiti & reality,

red-orange-pink booming amidst

beige-white-black silence.

More feathers, an egg, a branch.

Contrasts of movement, stillness.

Scissors, hearts, nails, shadows of wolves.

A memorable animal making

& sharing memories.

by Si Transken 2014 (used with permission - thanks Si!)

These words are from the show Ekphrasis II, at the Groop Gallery, Prince George, BC, in May 2014, where local poets shared their words inspired by artworks in the gallery.